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  1. carlos says:

    the editor only shows the 1st port of my midi interfaces.
    motu express 128

  2. carlos says:


    Its working fine now! Thanks. Somehow i didn’t get an email when you replied. Just dropped in by chance.
    I’ll do a round of promotion for ya.



  3. carlos says:

    oh yeah. i’m running 10.8.4 on a late 2012 (13,2) iMac.

  4. Bas says:

    I can choose only one midi interface, my controller keyboard is on the first, my juno on the second. So in and out should have a different interface option for me…

    • melbow says:

      Hi Bas, I’m not sure if fully understood your setup and what you’re trying to achieve, please could you give me a little more detail? Maybe I’m missing something but the program is designed so that only a Juno 106 can be the input or output source (since the structure of the MIDI packets to/from the Juno are defined by Roland as to which faders the parameters correspond to). Any other MIDI routings need to be set up in OSX (e.g. Audio MIDI Setup). However, if there’s a particular requirement for the multiple interfaces option then I’m more than happy to look at implementing it.

      Many thanks

  5. carlos says:

    midi CC mapping of the controls would be a nice add-on. Even a fixed map.

  6. Bas says:

    Hi Melbow, thanx for the reply.
    I would like to have my controller keyboard (interface 1) on the input of M106 and my Juno 106 (interface 2) on the output of M106.
    So I can play on the Juno with my controller keyboard and control the knobs and sliders with M106.
    I can send you a picture of my set-up if you give me your email adress.

    Thanx, Bas.

    • Carlos says:

      euh..i think the interface settings are for 2-way communication between the editor and the synth.

      The kind of routing your talking about can be done from a DAW or other midi patching software.

  7. Bas says:

    I think you’re right Carlos.
    M106 doesn’t show up in my DAW(Cubase 7) or my midi set-up(Mac).
    So it only works as stand alone for me now.

  8. Carlos says:

    the editor runs standalone. You use it to edit the synth.

    From your DAW you route midi to the Juno via your interface.

    The M106 exists beside the DAW-to-synth connection

  9. Bas says:

    Thanx Carlos, i understand that.
    That’s how i use it now.
    Only in stand alone i can’t choose my controller keyboard.
    But that’s not a big problem.

    • melbow says:

      Well I’ve been working on porting the M106 to an AU plugin version for a little while now, which should automatically add some of the features you guys are looking for, plus some extras, and will of course be compatible with current patch library files. It still needs another few weeks work before I can give it out for some early testing, but I’ll drop a post here when it’s at that stage.


  10. ajfkeith says:


    Is there a way for your program to load in the factory default patches (downloaded from the internet)? I lost my J-106 patches due to the battery dying. Now (after battery replacement) I want to load the factory patches.106 file back onto the Juno.


    • melbow says:

      Hi, at the moment this is not possible with the M106 and as far as I can tell (from the available documentation) I don’t think it’s possible for a MIDI instruction to perform a write to the on-board memory. All the factory patches exist within the M106 program, but burning them to the on-board Juno memory has to be done manually.

      I had to do it myself a year or two back with the old fashioned ‘Tape Load’ method – downloading the wav from one of the links on Juno Connection (I’m guess you already know it!) and playing this into the Juno’s Tape Load from my sound card.

      It is a bit fiddly though – certainly takes a few attempts to get the correct volume and whatnot.


  11. carlos says:


    I finally got my Audio/Midi setup sorted out but noticed that the M106 editor doesn’t follow the port names. This would be a nice addition to future versions.



    • carlos says:

      back again and using the m106 on a production.. in protools. The AU thing would’t help there. I don’t mind the standalone. Midi CC mapping would be nice though!

  12. rocketpants says:

    Hi, it seems there are a couple of issues Catalina. The app is not notarized and therefore after attempting to open it, it needs to be accepted in `System Prefs >Security & Privacy`. Secondly, once running, clicking on a saved patch updates the sliders, but doesn’t display the name & patch number correctly on the mini screen. Cheers!

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